Mixing, Mastering, and Beyond – Kickstarter Update #5

Hello lovely amazing art patrons!

We haven’t updated you on our progress since May, so we’re here to remedy that.

In this issue you will be notified about: 

*Tracking updates
*Mixing and Mastering Dates
*Internet hype surrounding our producer Chris Ford
*The future of Yorick Studio

First things first, we put together this super short Thank You video that features THE FIRST PUBLIC SAMPLE of our album. While the video itself is miniature, our love and appreciation for you is limitless (this particular spot features the strings that YOU paid for)

Tracking updates: Caleb was not able to be in Omaha for the initial tracking weekends, but he and our amigo Laurel Tuggle knocked out some tracking at Chris’s home in Des Moines this summer. We’ve got just a few more things to track before mixing, just to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and make sure we’re attentive to all the minutiae that goes into a solid album.

Laurel tracking harp at Chris’s house for Caleb’s composition

Final production stages: We’ll be mixing at Future Apple Tree in Davenport, IA during the second week of September. They are affiliated with Daytrotter and generally known for having great gear, a great staff, and a cute / hip town. Then the record will be coming back to Omaha for mastering with Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering on Sept. 17. Doug, as we like to call him though with whom we are probably not on a first name basis, is a sonic wizard and has done some top notch industry releases in his day. We’re really proud to have him in Omaha and especially proud that he’ll be doing this release. (Again, thank you Backers for helping us secure such fantastic post production engineers and studios!)

Some other fun groovy news, our producer Chris Ford has been receiving lots of positive press surrounding his upcoming solo album. Grammy-award winning artist Ryan Adams Tweeted / Instagrammed about Chris’s album after he got a copy from his pal Natalie Prass. Chris opened for Prass at the suggestion / urging of Erik. Her label Spacebomb is a huge influence on the process and philosophy of Yorick. Chris gave her an advanced copy of his album, and it found its way to Adams. Read an in-depth article from the Lincoln Journal Star here.

Lastly, big changes coming for Yorick Studio as founder Erik Jarvis and album collaborator / artist extraordinaire Katie In are moving back to Grinnell, IA. While the name Yorick came about as a convenient title for our Omaha space, the idea certainly has roots in Grinnell, and the community we’ve been developing is no way in jeopardy.

We’ve yet to discuss exactly what this means for the Future of Yorick, but basically nothing is changing. This album proves that the community is bonded by far stronger ties than location.



We’re Making an Album! – Kickstarter Update #4

Holy cow y’all we’re making an album!

It is very underway and we want to thank you to the moon and back!

We have one more day of tracking to knock out sometime in June, and then we’ll be on to mixing and mastering.

We’ll be checking in with each of you soon to thank you more personally and get reward details.

In the meantime, check out this incredible video Katie put together of tracking week II.

Fore more sights and sounds from Yorick check us out on Instagram

New Rewards! Crunch Time! – Kickstarter Update #3

From Yorick Studio: Collaborative Album by Many Friends

Hello everyone!

Project updates two days in a row?! Yes! Because we work hard and we like to keep you up-to-date on our progress. We’ve made it over $2000. Thank you so much for your contributions. We’re down to 11 days to reach $3500. If we do not reach our goal, we get NOTHING. We really need $5000 to get the album pressed, but we’re confident if we can at least get the album MADE (for $3500) we’ll be able to raise more funds to press it. On to the updates…


We’re pleased to announce a couple new super duper rewards. 

* Coloring book by Katie In, featuring images inspired by the songs for our album (check below for samples!)
*Studio time at Yorick! Includes tracking and mixing one song


We’d like to share some highlights from our yard sale a couple days ago. It was a wonderful day of fundraising, and more importantly, FRIENDraising.



From Yorick Studio: Collaborative Album By Many Friends

Heyy folks–

We’ve made it over the halfway point. Just 12 days left to get us all the way there. Please keep sending the good vibes and helping to tell our story.

We had a garage sale over the weekend and made a few friends and funds. Thank you so much to everyone who helped out or stopped by. It was a really fun day and absolutely demonstrated the power of music as a community-builder.

Exciting announcements!

Yorick collaborator Katie In has her Omaha debut this weekend at Crossbones.

The Rather Unsightly Gentlemen (RUGs) have released the first snippet of their upcoming album Dirty on the Inside. “Tie Me Down” was co-produced by Yorick Studio, and this track especially has the Yorick production sound with horns, keyboards, and loads of percussion.

What Dreams May Come? – Kickstarter Update #1

From Yorick Studio: Collaborative Album By Many Friends Kickstarter

Thank you so much to everyone who has given to this project so far! Your donation, time, and vibes are propelling this project along. We love you and are so thrilled to be on our way to delivering this music to you.

Please keep sharing our story, and this link. Kickstarter campaigns are ALL OR NOTHING, so if we don’t reach $3500, we get $0.

We’ll be adding a few rewards this week. If you have reward ideas you don’t see, please message us on here, or e-mail

Here’s a message from Kat: