New Rewards! Crunch Time! – Kickstarter Update #3

From Yorick Studio: Collaborative Album by Many Friends

Hello everyone!

Project updates two days in a row?! Yes! Because we work hard and we like to keep you up-to-date on our progress. We’ve made it over $2000. Thank you so much for your contributions. We’re down to 11 days to reach $3500. If we do not reach our goal, we get NOTHING. We really need $5000 to get the album pressed, but we’re confident if we can at least get the album MADE (for $3500) we’ll be able to raise more funds to press it. On to the updates…


We’re pleased to announce a couple new super duper rewards. 

* Coloring book by Katie In, featuring images inspired by the songs for our album (check below for samples!)
*Studio time at Yorick! Includes tracking and mixing one song


We’d like to share some highlights from our yard sale a couple days ago. It was a wonderful day of fundraising, and more importantly, FRIENDraising.